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Brand Spotlight: What Katie Did

Oh, lingerie. The very word inspires images of calculated and sophisticated sexuality. These days, lingerie is almost exclusively associated with the bedroom or adult entertainment, but for women of previous decades, lingerie wasn’t only sensual- it was functional. With fewer items of clothing, pieces had to last, and one way to achieve that was by… Continue reading Brand Spotlight: What Katie Did

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Review: Cover FX (a few complexion products!)

Complexion products are the unsung champions of the makeup world, if we’re being honest. Their goal is to make you look like you’re wearing nothing at all and when you have the right ones, that’s exactly what they do. They not as glamorous as eyeshadow or highlighter but people will notice if you skip concealer… Continue reading Review: Cover FX (a few complexion products!)

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How A Less Waste Lifestyle Helps Us All

You know this is a style and beauty blog. I love talking fashion and makeup with you all, chatting about which colors to pair with which, and how to shop quality so you can look timeless and fabulous. But I chose to give this blog a vintage lean for a reason: one of the things… Continue reading How A Less Waste Lifestyle Helps Us All

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How To: Be a Mindful Shopper (Find Your Core Look!)

Even if vintage fashion isn’t your thing, vintage attitudes towards fashion are something we could all use a little more of. Quality over quantity was the order of the day before the 1950s; women knew how to make the most out of a much more limited (by today’s standards) wardrobe whereas now we have closets… Continue reading How To: Be a Mindful Shopper (Find Your Core Look!)

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My Top Summer-Proof Face Products | 2018 + GIVEAWAY!!! (CLOSED)

I know I talk a lot about summer on this blog. But I’m a southern girl, and the heat shapes so much of one’s daily routine when each day is like being wrapped in a hot, sweaty blanket. Just because you feel Satan’s breath on your face every day doesn’t mean you don’t want to… Continue reading My Top Summer-Proof Face Products | 2018 + GIVEAWAY!!! (CLOSED)

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Brand Spotlight: Collectif (&1st Purchase Impressions!)

As my search for the perfect vintage-inspired wardrobe continues, I'm making sure to try out-of-the-way brands that catch my eye (make sure you've also read my previous post on USA brand Heart of Haute). Luckily for you, I risk making the purchases so you don't have to! Here's my latest find: About the brand: Collectif is… Continue reading Brand Spotlight: Collectif (&1st Purchase Impressions!)

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How To: Always Look Well-Dressed

Something that never fails to surprise me from photos of the past is how...well, put-together women seemed back then. Even their house clothes practically look like church attire compared to the sports-tee-and-leggings combo of the 2010s. Was this because women all had better quality clothes? Maybe, but I think the main reason is because women… Continue reading How To: Always Look Well-Dressed